Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waaay too easy. Seriously cute.

3 long scarves, destined to be cut in half, sewn together and threaded with elastic into a sheer skirt to throw over bathers. 

Stiched together at random lengths, leaving splits in each seam.  Top turned over and 3 rows of stitching aded to make 2 channels for elastic and a fluttery top edge.

Voila!  I think I'll loosen the elastic and make it into a skirt for a bigger girl.  There's too much gathering at the moment - it looks like I could have used just 5 strips, but that would have thrown the brown-orange-yellow pattern.  Anyhow, why should my little mannequin have all the fun.  Maybe I'll try it on her big sister, who has a waist circumference of 110cm.  She doesn't get out much,  this could be her big chance.

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