Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple embellishments go a long way! Sarah's easy tee restyle.

What I had:

    1     I had a simple, white fitted singlet that unfortunately ended up with a far-from-lovely stain on the front. It was only a small stain... but when it's located front and centre, the singlet is instantly unwearable in public.

    2     Thanks to an earlier project, I also had about 3m x 4cm offcut hem from a second hand sheet handy.

   3     Sewing machine.

    4     Lots and lots and lots of pins

What I did:

    1     Starting on one side of the neck of the singlet I folded and pinned the fabric across the front of the singlet. I folded and pinned the fabric until I reached the centre of the singlet, then changed my folding direction and continued folding and pinning until I reached the other side of the neck.

    2     I then ran two lines of stitching along the top of the pleated fabric to hold it in place.

    3     Given the location of the stain, a second row of folding and pinning was required. So, at this point, I repeated steps one and two.

    4     To finish, I pinned the leftover length of fabric around the neckline of the singlet and stitched it in place with a decorative stitch (think fancy zig-zag stitch).  

What I finished up with:
A super cute singlet which I proceeded to wear the very next day!

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